L.M. Tilman & Co.

L.M. Tilman & Co. is a strategic advisory firm that serves governments, financial institutions, corporations, and institutional investors worldwide. As a thought leader on the convergence of business strategy, corporate finance, investments, and risk management in the realm of strategic decision-making, the firm helps its clients create real and lasting economic value in finance. L.M. Tilman & Co. provides multifaceted advice and solutions to executives, boards of directors, and leadership teams and is headquartered in New York City.

As a strategic partner, L.M. Tilman & Co. leverages Business Intelligence Solutions' services in its advisory to the financial sector. For L.M. Tilman & Co., Business Intelligence Solutions provides data mining and predictive analytics services for data driven problems/projects.


ExcelGenius is a leader in designing and building enterprise class Microsoft Excel solutions. Excel is the most important tool deployed in any company. It has transformed how businesses operate. We have over 20 years of enterprise level experience building various Excel applications and automation processes. We can create solutions ranging from simple analysis to more complex apps that are capable of supporting the existing business processes. Our solutions will help seamlessly store/edit, search, retrieve, and analyze data generating detailed reports that provide snapshots of our customers’ business performance.


Megaputer Intelligence is a leader in Business Intelligence software, offering tools for knowledge discovery in large volumes of structured data and text.

Megaputer's data mining and text mining flagman product is PolyAnalyst.

PolyAnalyst derives actionable knowledge from large volumes of text and structured data, delivers this knowledge to decision makers in easy to comprehend custom reports and incorporates it in business processes in the form of predictive models.

Covering the complete data analysis cycle from data loading and integration to modeling and reporting, PolyAnalyst offers a comprehensive selection of algorithms for automated analysis of text and structured data, readily solving numerous data analysis problems in various application fields.

  Walker Bernardo

Walker Bernardo is a privately-held strategy consulting practice with expertise in Risk Management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. The Risk Management offerings include providing executives tools for Enterprise Risk Management, advising on Credit Risk Management, and improving operations through Operational Risk Management.

Walker Bernardo also offers Innovation and Business Development support to companies of all sizes, and customized executive education and training.

Dr. Russell Walker, President of Walker Bernardo, is a Professor at Kellogg School of Management.

BI Solutions and Walker Bernardo work together on data mining applications to risk management and customer relationship management, and jointly provide executive training on business analytics.

  Rivait Software Systems

Rivait Software Systems specializes in the development of knowledge based systems and software for intellectual data management. For over 15 years, Rivait Software Systems has been a provider of Crisis Line Management and Case Management software.

Business Intelligence Solutions and Rivait Software Systems are jointly developing the intelligent decision support systems based on Bayesian Belief Networks for the call centers working within extremely stressful crisis line environment allowing to recognize the critical situation, to dynamically generate the questions to be asked by agent based on the caller's input and assessed risk, and to support decision making based on assessed risk and the caller's input.